Nursing : Faculty

Anderson, Laura Assistant ProfessorPh.D.University at Buffalo
Austin-Ketch, Tammy Clinical ProfessorPh.D.University at Buffalo
Brewer, Carol ProfessorPh.D.University of Michigan
Bruce, Susan Clinical Associate ProfessorPh.D.University at Buffalo
Campbell-Heider, Nancy Associate ProfessorPh.D.University of Rochester
Castner, Jessica Research Assistant ProfessorPh.D.University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
Chang, Yu-Ping Assistant ProfessorPh.D.St. Louis University
Connors, Laurie Clinical Assistant ProfessorD.N.P.University at Buffalo
Dean, Grace Assistant ProfessorPh.D.University of California, Los Angeles
Dickerson, Suzanne Associate ProfessorD.N.S.University at Buffalo
Fabry, Donna Assistant ProfessorD.N.P.University at Buffalo
Foltz-Ramos, Kelly Clinical Lab CoordinatorM.S.University at Buffalo
Grinslade, Susan Clinical ProfessorPh.D.University of Illinois at Chicago
Guay, Jennifer Clinical Assistant ProfessorD.N.P.Vanderbilt University
Haskins, Mimi Clinical InstructorM.S.University at Buffalo
Hewner, Sharon Assistant ProfessorPh.D.University at Buffalo
Jones, Janice Clinical ProfessorPh.D.University at Buffalo
Juarez, Adrian Assistant ProfessorPh.D.New York University
Jungquist, Carla Assistant ProfessorPh.D.University of Rochester
Lally, Robin Assistant ProfessorPh.D.University of Minnesota
Lamparelli, Michael Clinical Assistant ProfessorD.N.P.University at Buffalo
Lewis, Marsha Dean and ProfessorPh.D.University of Minnesota
Loomis, Diane Assistant ProfessorD.N.P.University at Buffalo
McDonald, Penny Clinical Assistant ProfessorPh.D.University at Buffalo
Meeker, Mary Ann Assistant ProfessorD.N.S.University at Buffalo
Montgomery, Carolyn Clinical Assistant ProfessorPh.D.University at Buffalo
Nisbet, Patricia Clinical InstructorM.S.University at Buffalo
Obst, Thomas Clinical ProfessorPh.D.University at Buffalo
Paplham, Pamela Clinical Assistant ProfessorD.N.P.Robert Morris University
Pawlowski, Louis Clinical Assistant ProfessorM.S.University at Buffalo
Porock, Davina ProfessorPh.D.Edith Cowan University
Raines, Deborah Associate ProfessorEd.S.Virginia Commonwealth, UCLA, Walden University
Sands, Joanne Clinical InstructorM.S.University at Buffalo
Scherer, Yvonne Associate ProfessorEd.D.University at Buffalo
Spulecki, Cheryl Clinical Assistant ProfessorM.S.University at Buffalo
Steeg, Linda Clinical Assistant ProfessorD.N.P.University at Buffalo
Volpe, Ellen Assistant ProfessorPh.D.University of Rochester
Winkelman, Theresa Clinical Associate ProfessorM.S.University at Buffalo
Wu, Bill Associate ProfessorPh.D.University at Buffalo

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